Deutschland - Schwaben - Stuttgart - Hohenheim:

Saturday, 15:55.

You're hungry, but there's only one bottle of beer left in the fridge. And now? You're looking for a supermarket. No idea where it could be, no map and the grandpa you're asking only speaks a bad dialect of 'Schwäbisch' and sends you into the botanical garden. There's no beer but ducks instead. Have you ever caught fucking ducks?? When you recognise the mistake, the grandpa is already miles away. So you're walking in the opposite direction now. At 16:10 you arrive at the supermarket and you are happy. With all your enthusiasm you 're trying to open the entrance door. When three residents look at you pretty astonished, you recognise your mistake here as well and you ask yourself: When the hell do the shops close? Maybe there's something to eat in the next pub. The 'Maultaschen' are looking yummy. hmm, only 50 cents in the purse. All the dishes have already been cleaned, damn, how can I get money? Mum surely can give me an advice, therefore you wanna call her desperately, but you can't find any telephone box.... Not later than now you're asking yourself:

Why is everything so different here in Stuttgart and why isn't anybody helping me?

To avoid that you will get in the same situation, we are here:

The International Students Organisation (I.S.O.) / AStA-Auslandsreferat.

We try to answer you many of your questions on our homepage. Come in and find: First aid, The first two weeks in Hohenheim, Surviving, Campus, Campus-Culture and all the entire rest. If you still have any question, write us an email or make a date for a phone call with us. Don't hesitate!! Have fun on our web-page, we are looking forward to meeting you in Hohenheim! Your I.S.O. - Team.

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